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Our architects ensure that the entire interior space is aesthetically-pleasing and optimized for use and comfort - whether for tenant fit-outs, client build-outs, a retail business, corporate offices, a restaurant, higher education spaces, or a home. Our interior designers use space, architectural elements, natural and artificial light, furniture, and materials and finishes to create spaces that – from our deep experience - promote well-being and function. Please see the gallery below for a sampling of our interior projects.

Our fees can be adapted to your project needs and can be fixed-rate, hourly, a percentage of project cost, per-square-foot, or retail rates.


AS-BUILTS  We survey existing conditions and make field measurements of a space or the entire building.

BOMA  After as-builts, we then use the measurements to calculate the true BOMA for the building.

PROGRAMMING. We gather information from our client and develop a program document spreadsheet to help determine how much space you will need.

SPACE PLANNING  Using client-driven data, we focus on the functional relationships for people, equipment, and spaces and how they interact to determine the most efficient space for tenant use. 

COLOR MARKETING PLANS  We can provide plans for the entire building with hatches or colors corresponding with a lease expiration legend or vacancies to help property managers or internal staff keep the suites organized.

INVENTORY SURVEYS  We recommend re-use or replacement of furnishings based on inventory of existing furnishings and equipment.

CONCEPTUAL DESIGN  We can create an overall design of your space, including every interior aspect.

FURNITURE AND FINSIH SPECIFICATIONS  We select furniture, finishes, and millwork in your desired style to help finish your space.

COLOR RENDERINGS  We create an accurate, detailed picture of how your spaces will look using color in digital format.

CONSTRUCTION DOCUMENTS  We prepare detailed documents for construction, pricing, and permits, ensuring that the designs adhere to national and local codes.

BIDDING  We analyze bids for construction, finishes, and furnishings contracts to help provide you with finalized, detailed bids.

PERMIT EXPEDITING. We will coordinate and acquire the necessary permits to get your spaces built.

CONSTRUCTION ADMINISTRATION  We monitor contractors and subcontractors throughout the construction process to ensure that everything complies with the original specifications.

MOVE COORDINATION. Our team can oversee the move of your project, including phasing, keyed floor plans, and move supervision to ensure a smooth transition. 

ARTWORK COORDINATION. We can help choose artwork and accessories that complement your new space.

WAYFINDING AND SIGNAGE   We can provide a cohesive interior signage and wayfinding design to complement the interior design.


NOTE: A 2016 Global Report by the largest office furniture manufacturer in the world, revealed that the work environment is a leading factor in productivity, job satisfaction and retention. We can help define your needs and create the space that’s best for you.