As a full-service architecture firm, we are with you and your project from beginning to end. Our services encompass your site, concepts for your building(s) and spaces, the actual design, materials selections, development of construction documents, cost estimating, interfacing with contractors, and more – depending on what our clients want or need. We also team with other firms.



We produce a unique design for every client, following an established process as outlined by the American Institute of Architects. We can manage your project all the way to occupancy, while staying within the established budget.


Daylighting, energy and water conservation, materials, site sustainability, durability of products, affordability, and operation/maintenance of the finished building are considered.

Master Planning

We develop a long-term planning document that provides a conceptual layout for buildings, social settings, and their surrounding environments to guide future growth and development.

Interior Design

Our certified interior designers and architects help clients in space planning, materials selection, furnishings, furniture specifications, and equipment.

Space Planning

We focus on the functional relationships for people, equipment, and spaces and how they interact to determine the most efficient space for tenant use. 


We can help identify your needs to ensure consistency in “look” and maximize the ability for anyone to find their way through your building or campus.


Construction Documents

These provide a high level of detail for the general contractor (GC) so that all contractors know what to build.

Location Analysis

Site geography, climate, building orientation on the site, appropriate materials, the surrounding community, its history, utilities, and potential environmental impacts are investigated.

Bid Support

Often, the GC will participate in our design process, providing preliminary cost estimates and conferring with our firm on details and specifications.

Construction Administration

We manage the overall planning, coordination, and control of the construction process to occupancy to produce a functional, financially viable project.

Engineering Integration

We collaborate with engineers on all building systems such heating and cooling, sewage, domestic water, electrical, and site civil.

Expert Testimony

Our forensic investigations can include review of codes, standards, documents, life-span of site and building components, on-site conditions and recommendations for remediation.

Technology, Lighting, and A/V

We are experts at integrating technology, great lighting design, and A/V design into projects.